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We're struggling with this question when it comes to stats. So many of the most recent stats data (business R+D, education performance, etc.) already seem "old", particularly if the latest year is 202 with COVID impacts...even more challenging, data from a range of sources that have been widely released can frame important reports and analyses, but the data are already public...lots of challenges.. At the moment, focusing on theoretical headlines, and if there is a "headline" that has not been widely covered it could be of interest to audiences.

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If you are a subscriber and therefore got this story in your inbox, you might've noticed an incomplete and confusing sentence with a TK in it. TK is an editor's note that means "to come." I'd struggled to finish that sentence and inserted the TK to remind myself to deal with it prior to publication. But, oops! When I spotted it, I realized the whole sentence just needed to be nixed, so it's gone from this online version of the post.

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